As a building company, Happy Days Build have had the pleasure of working on a number of church and heritage roofs in our history.

Church buildings are some of the most inspiring historical architecture in our country, and the dedicated preservation of their character is an essential part of our work. Unfortunately, many church roofs require significant maintenance and repair, due to their age and size.

At Happy Days Build, our team of highly trained roofers are fully qualified to undertake church roof repair work, both to ensure the building remains usable and preserve the character of these iconic structures. Our work with churches varies from small scale repairs, such as tile replacement, all the way to full re-roofing.

Our team are knowledgeable about the work that goes in to church and heritage roof repair, and are specialists in the care of work. We appreciate the work that is required, not just to provide a roof that can last for many years, but also maintains the appearance and structure of the original.

If you have a church or heritage roof that requires either repair or a sympathetic restoration, our team are always on hand to provide guidance or a no-obligation quote. Contact us today to discuss the work we have undertaken previously and how we can assist.